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As a mental health activist, Empress takes the time to experience and practice life lessons before sharing with others. The key for Empress is to stay positive and self-aware. Growing up, Empress holistically overcame mental challenges of her own with therapy and rigorous training, allowing her to obtain and maintain a healthy mindset. Now, Empress shares her practices and personal experiences with the world in various ways. Other than writing about a small piece of her mental health journey in the best-selling book, Black Women Love, you can catch more tips from Empress at public events as she provides motivational speaking on mental health topics. You can also catch Empress host the online talk show, Mentally Here, found on YouTube.

Mentally Here
Mentally Here is a show about unwritten rules, standards and ethics regarding mental health challenges everyone can relate to. Each episode is based on logic and personal views of unique topics that many people forget to acknowledge, embrace and address. Subscribe on YouTube and catch the entire collection.

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