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Quality Pop Up & Party is a series of unique events with an active party and relaxed quality networking experience. Planned & Coordinated by The Empress, Quality Pop Up & Party – Unique Events is the experience that brings quality individuals, businesses and organizations together for one big networking-party celebration with a unique, one-of-a-kind, twist that leaves you with the lovely memories we know as anamnesis!! The Featured Quality Vendors are a few businesses that have been screened and are certain to bring you quality products and/or service while offering onsite freebies. The Featured Quality Vendors are always limited and in exclusivity with their own business nature; meaning direct competition is never a worry at QPUP because we value quality over quantity!

Some businesses are so exclusive that they’ve been Grandfathered into QPUP! You’re not going to want to miss the next Quality Pop Up & Party, as these unique events only come around once a year! Get in on the action by checking out our events below! Believe you've got a quality small business? Take 2 minutes to register your business to be a Featured Quality Business ar the next QPUP!

Men of Stature | Men's Group
Reflex Flops
Qween's Creme
Blossoming Delights
Romance by Empress

Quality Pop Up & Party

Official Unique Events

Thank You So Much For Joining Us!

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Featured Quality Vendor Registration

Know you’ve got quality and want your business to be invited to participate as a Featured Quality Vending Business at an upcoming QPUP? Register today as it only takes 2 minutes or less to complete!

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